Application for EEND 640C - Development and Characteristics of Individuals with Special Needs   (3/6/2023 - 5/1/2023)

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EEND 640C - Development and Characteristics of Individuals with Special Needs

The emphasis of this course is on understanding the characteristics and origin of disabilities as well as designing and assessing materials to meet the individual educational needs of individuals with mild to severe disabilities. This course provides specific understanding of characteristics and development of students with disabilities and their implications on teaching and learning; when teaching students with documented disabilities specified in IDEA (1997): Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), Emotional Disturbance (ED), Intellectual Disabilities (ID), Other Health Impairment(OHI); Autism(ASD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Orthopedic impairments, Sensory Impairments and other low-incidence disabilities (34 CFR, Section 300.7). The course will also stress on characteristics that are non-categorical in nature and are observed across the disability areas, which are helpful in choosing and designing interventions. Characteristics of students who are English Language Learners (ESL) and those who are ESL and have exceptional needs will be examined. Writing of Individual Education Plans (IEP) will be emphasized.

Effective Dates: 3/6/23 - 5/1/23
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3/6/23 - 5/1/23 ONLINE • ONLINE